"This poem would not leave me alone. It came to mind repeatedly as I worked in the garden, washed dishes, went for my daily walk. That's what excellent poems do....The structure is brilliant. This poem could help change the conversation about racism in America, starting right here."

-Columbine Poets of Colorado Members Contest Free Verse Judge Kathleen Cain, September 2020

"I really loved your Year of the Bird event.  It was everything that art can be -- inspiring, beautiful, multi-faceted, and community-enhancing.  You are very talented."

- Louisville Cultural Council member Jennifer Strand, November 2018

"Erin Robertson did a superior job of teaching poetry to my fourth graders.  She spent a week and a few days in my room covering topics such as where to find inspiration and using true and intense language.  We continued to refer to true and intense language throughout the year as well as some of the ideas she shared for inspiration and listening to our intuition.  She also incorporated mindfulness, which we have been doing in our room this year, in her lessons.  The students were engaged and inspired, and the growth in their poetry writing was amazing over the week.  She did a culminating project with them and published a chapbook of their poetry that we shared with parents, administrators and our school library.  Erin took the time to read each student's poetry and conference with them as well as edited with them for the chapbook.  The time and effort she put into the poetry classes for my students was amazing.  My students are still writing poetry! This experience was a highlight of my students' year, and I would love to have her do this poetry unit again with my class next year!"

- Louisville Elementary School Teacher Adrienne McCleskey, May 2017

"Conor Brown’s composition 'Portals: Pollination' bloomed enigmatically outward, as did the creeping 'hyphae' and resting insects depicted in Julie Maren’s painting 'Seduction' and Erin Robertson’s superbly crafted poem 'Portals: Pollination' which speaks of 'fertile ground / for some other soul to tread' — all three pulsating with depth, desire and loss."

- Gwen Gray's review of my poetry included in the Ars Nova Singers Shared Visions project, in the Scen3, the blog of the Denver metro area's Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, May 2016

listen:  "Portals:  Pollination" (09:26) - Conor Brown, Composer, based on artwork by Julie Maren

(first 1:00 consists of invented language, poem text follows)

listen:  "Prayer" (06:38) - Daniel Kellogg, Composer, based on artwork by Helen Howe Braider