We Are Marching

today we are marching



formidable in our strength


a multitude

wending our way through the campus

over bridges

along Broadway

to the courthouse


our eyes flash



what do we want?

always justice!

when do we want it?

always now!

our hearts are pinned to our chests

here we stand and move

we will move

sweep you along into our current

make you dare to hope, too

dare to see another way

dare to ask why not and

what would you want?

always justice!

always now!

we rattle our signs and

raise our fists

flash smiles and thumbs-ups at 

each car that lays on its horn -

they want it, too,

for a moment they want it enough 

to be counted, too,

to stand, too,

even while disappearing into the distance

on their more practical way

most of us have marched before

stood for something else before

had our hopes trampled before

but here we are

still shouting

still hoping

still resolved to count

still believing there must one day be justice

even if not just now.